Welcome to the South Notts Cage Bird Society website.

South Nott's CBS is the premier bird club in South Nottinghamshire, south of the River Trent.

We accept members who keep all varieties of birds and organise exhibitions for canaries, budgies, british and foreign birds, but not however at this time for birds of prey.

Many famous names in the fancy have been associated with the club since its formation including Mr. & Mrs. Sharratt, Jim Spring & Colin Saunders, Gerry Reynolds, Ron Langley, Dave Ross, Arthur Fisher plus many more.

Some of these famous names were even founder members of this club (those attending the opening / first meeting), who went on to greater things.     


South Nott's CBS holds its meetings @  

        Highbank Community Centre,

Southchurch Drive,



NG11 9EX

on the 2nd.Wednesday in each month starting at 7.45 to 8.00 pm..

Meetings cover a variety of subjects to do with birdkeeping, breeding and exhibiting plus guest speakers are invited on a regular basis to give talks on a variety of related subjects.


Further details may be obtained from the club secretary at


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