A report on a talk on the history and exhibiting of Lizard Canaries by Huw Evans at South Notts CBS 09/05/2012

Huw Evans (former chairman of the Lizard Canary Association, twice winner at the National, Judge and Champion Exhibitor),gave a fascinating and very interesting talk on the on the history of the Lizard Canary explaining that it was the oldest type canary in Britain.

He then explained how you could differentiate the various types of lizard canary ie the gold, the silver, the clear and broken capped for showing purposes, expanding on this by indicating the full range of features that were required for an exhibition bird with respect to the markings, the colour of the beak, legs and toe nails and the clarity of the cap if the bird had one.

A series of slides were then shown where the audience was asked how we would categorise each of the birds shown on each slide (Huw having previously explained that a lizard classed as a silver would have white edges to its feathers and golds would have yellow or orange edges to its feathers, where as clear capped and broken capped were self explanatory) which the club members seemed to get correct more times than not.

Huw then recalled judging on the continent and how surprised he was to find that the majority of the top class birds that were put up before him were not colour fed which allowed the exhibit to show its natural features without it being muted or enhanced by the practise of colour feeding. He felt that this enabled the exhibitor to see his/her birds in a different manner and that the birds feathers showed a natural gleam that may otherwise have been masked.

The evening was rounded off with a question and answer section.

The chairman then thanked Huw for an interesting and entertaining evening and the members gave him a round of applause in appreciation
of his talk.

South Nott's. CBS meeting on Wednesday 11/04/2012 took place at Highbank Community Centre, Clifton , Nottingham.
The club staged a Budgie Table show that attracted approximately 20 entries, over 3 simplified categories, that were to be judged and discussed by Ivan Brough.
Mr Brough judged the entries whilst a short meeting took place. The results were Mrs Pauline Pidd won all three categories which were Fully Moulted Budgie, Fully Moulted Budgie and Best Young Bird.Our congratulations go to Pauline and our thanks to Mr Brough for giving his time on the evening and all those that brought their birds along for the competition .

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